An integrated development environment for the Lua programming language
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2.0 alpha [12/08/2008]
New Lua Editor
New Lua Perspective
DLTK Integration
1.3 beta [12/08/2008]
Integration with RemDebug 2.0
New Lua Perspective
Added universal binary JNILib
Expanded documentation
1.2.0 [02/22/2008]
LuaDoc integration now renders HTML
Added Lua 5.1 Reference documentation
Persistence model for Luadoc was optimized
Expanded documentation
1.2 beta [01/08/2008]
Added LuaDoc integration
Added LuaProfiler integration
Added Support for Linux x64
Support for files with a shabang (#!)
Minor bug fixes
Added support to Lua 5.1
Win32, Linux 32bits versions
Several Bug fixes
Fixes to the syntax highlight plug-in
Code Folding performance tunig and fixes
1.0.0 [01/16/2007]
Win32, Mac OSX, Linux versions
Syntax Hightlight
Code completion
Script runner
Code Folding
Extension points, easy feature enhancements.
















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